Monday, October 5, 2009


I walked 5 miles today, not because I'd planned to but because the weather was just gorgeous! Look at that sky!

I intended this to be breakfast (ww mini bagel w/ berry cream cheese, gigantic grapes, hot chocolate) and snack (Odwalla bar), but I ended up packing the grapes for mid-morning and not getting to the bar at all.

I mixed some cheese into some instant mashed potatoes for lunch. Tasted good, but did not photograph well. Another thing that didn't photograph well: bug pasta with cheese sauce. I need to stock up on produce.

This short post is my break from homework. Saving it for Monday and then waiting until the last minute ON Monday to do it is a recipe for a late night.

October Goals roundup:

Sleep: 43.5/250 hours
Packed Lunches: 1/20
Exercise: 2.5/20 hours
Homework: 2/45
Housework: 1/10


  1. Hey Bek!
    I sure wish you'd come prepare my meals:-)

  2. Bekah, we need a new post. I'm getting hungry looking at this one! LOL!

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