Monday, October 12, 2009

More Monday Madness

I spent the weekend completely exhausted. Does that ever happen to you? I wasn't tired, but my mind absolutely could not absorb any new information, nor could it share any. I didn't want to talk to anyone. So I didn't blog.


Friday- Went out to breakfast with the family, picked up a dog I'm watching this week.
Saturday- Housesat in the middle of nowhere.
Sunday- Bike ride with Dad!

My dad was in a bike accident a little over 2 years ago. It was really, really bad. He spent a week in a trauma hospital and then 3 more in an inpatient rehab facility learning how to form coherent sentences, walk without help, etc. He had to reform a lot of damaged pathways in his brain. He didn't go back to work for over 4 months, and wasn't back full time for about 10 months. It was really scary for all of us and I'm so glad I got an opportunity, 2 years post-accident, to join him on a bike ride.

Changing subjects here- I think part of the reason I was so exhausted by the end of last week is that I spend a lot of time playing dumb games on Facebook on the computer, for hours procrastinating and not a lot of time doing. I get so behind and I spend so much time absorbing information that I don't need (from the computer) that I don't sleep well, I don't keep up with my homework, and I don't keep the house as tidy as I'd like. Being responsible for blogging really holds me accountable when it comes to food and exercise, so I'm going to try it for getting stuff done.

To do tonight:
finish math homework
write PE paper
get to bed by 11

To do Tuesday:
drink water!
leave for school by 7:45am
math class
logic class
step aerobics
?take my bike out for a ride
drink water!
fold and put away laundry
clean bedroom (clean bedroom= clean mind)
study for math midterm 30 minutes
study logic 30 minutes
drink water!
update blog

Of course that list is just the important stuff that I've been skipping this past week. New blog tomorrow with pictures and an introduction.

October Goals Round-up:
Sleep: 89/250 hours
Packed Lunches: 1/20
Exercise: 6.5/20 hours
Homework: 4/45
Housework: 1/10

I can't believe we're almost halfway through the month! I need to pick it up, I should be nearly halfway through all my goals.

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  1. Give yourself a little break, Bek! You are doing a LOT and doing a fantastic job of it all!