Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sick Weekend

And not fun sick, coughing and congested sick.

My eats this weekend were decidedly NOT blogworthy, given my lack of ability to taste anything. A cracker here, 14 glasses of juice there...pretty boring. Then, today, my first visit to Chipotle:

vegetarian bowl with some kind of awesome corn salsa, black beans, rice, green bell peppers and onions, lettuce, and guac. And by the way, that's the normal amount of guac, I didn't ask for extra. It's like they know me.

Eating at restaurants: Restaurants usually have one or two vegetarian items on their menu and they aren't generally very healthy (think cheese and white pasta). When I started Weight Watchers I knew I'd have to ask for something different. At first it was awkward ("I'd like this menu item, except completely different..."), but now I'm an old pro. Look at the other menu items! You can change sauces or get them on the side, add or substitute veggies, bulk up a menu salad with something from an entree- lots of options. The thing is, my family does not understand this. My youngest sister was completely silent when she ordered a taco and it turned out tiny. My dad sat down with his burrito and complained that they didn't explain what a "bowl" was or he'd have ordered that (what I had). If it's not what you want, speak up! Going through the line and getting to your table before you mention that your food isn't what you wanted is ridiculous. AND if you don't understand the menu, ask the person serving you!

Now a little update of my October challenges, by the numbers:

Sleep: 34.5/250 hours
Packed Lunches: 1/20
Exercise: 1/20 hours
Homework: 0/45
Housework: 0/10

I'll be adding to the sleep total shortly and the packed lunches and homework totals tomorrow. Hopefully some exercise too if I can breathe by then!

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