Thursday, October 1, 2009

The blogging is getting ahead of me. I've learned so far that it is really, really difficult to remember to take pictures of everything I eat. Also, even after 2 days, I feel like I'm 1) eating a TON when the reality is that it just looks like a ton because I'm photographing it and 2) I barely eat any plants! Did you notice last post how my meals went from whole grain and veggie to white and bready as the day wore on? Part of the reason for that is I'm still in the mindset of "I did so well all day, it's fine to have this." And it IS fine, but will it nourish my body? No. The other reason is that I get more and more tired and tend to eat whatever the rest of my family eats.

Anyway, a quick recap of October's Challenges by the numbers:

Sleep: 6.5/250 hours (I'm counting hours since midnight yesterday).
Packed Lunches: 1/20
Exercise: 1/20 hours
Homework: 0/45
Housework: 0/10

I have an icky cold, so I'm hoping to knock out about 30 of those sleep hours this weekend, as well as a couple of the homework hours.

Update tomorrow, with pictures of everything.

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